Drip Tape Fertilization Not surprisingly, a steady feed of nutrients produces big plants, enhances pest and disease resistance, and increases the quality and quantity of bud. While we’ve heard that…

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Irrigation Design

Hemp Likes Water Hemp plants need supplemental water to do their best. A University of Colorado study that found when industrial hemp is watered, yields increase 3 times or more.…

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Greenhouse Lighting & Fans

From Exuberance to Dismay We’ve gone from exuberance to dismay in just four days since planting our first lot of 4,600 CBD hemp seeds. By the second day after planting,…

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Planting Hemp Seeds

In the third week of May 2019, we set 5,000 of our very first high CBD hemp seeds. This consisted of about 4,000 seeds of Lifter and 1,000 seeds of…

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