Join us on our journey of growing premium organic CBD hemp in rural Wisconsin

Our Founders

In 2006, we inherited a beautiful piece of farmland surrounded by woods in rural Wisconsin. From the very beginning, before the barn was restored, or the house and shop built, we knew we wanted to go completely organic. After struggling for over a decade with illness, we learned a lot about preserving and recovering wellness. Part of what we discovered is that having clean, organic options is absolutely essential for good health. We understand that the quality of the organic hemp we produce is key to insuring the best possible results. Our commitment is to grow outstanding CBD hemp using deeply restorative, organic, and transparent methods in order to nurture bodies and heal the land.

Greg & Tara

Growing Quality Hemp

To ensure our hemp products are of premium quality, we work on a small scale and sell directly to consumers. We grow our hemp using 100% organic and deeply restorative soil practices. We harvest our hemp by hand and slowly cure it naturally in order to lock in terpene and resin quality. We take great care in storing and packaging our hemp to preserve all of the beneficial qualities of the plant. Our focus is on quality, nurturing the soil, and sharing what we know.

Nurture Our Living Soil

It takes a cornucopia of tiny microbes that live in healthy soil to unlock nutrients so that they may be absorbed by plants. Unfortunately, much of today’s farmland is sorely lacking in this diverse microbial life; In short, it is lifeless. At Organic Entourage, we work hard to revitalize microbial life in the soil through the use of cover crops, applying tons of truly organic compost, completely abstaining from pesticides, and by using natural pest and pathogen controls.

Transparancy and Education

We believe in full transparency, open communication, and accountability in all our practices. Every aspect of our operation is on full display – see our farm. Although we love sharing beautiful pictures of our work, we believe in the importance of openly sharing both the all aspects of our operations. You get to see it all. Through full disclosure, we are taking a “leap-of-faith” that there are enough like-minded individuals that will understand and support our efforts and thereby prove out this novel “business” model. We deeply respect the interconnectivity between the land, plants, and people.

100% USDA Certified Organic

Wisconsin CBD

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