Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2400mg)


Our unflavored, Full-Spectrum CBD/CBG hemp oil is made from a blend of our organic CBD and CBG flower. To help ensure the cleanest product, we use a small scale CO2 extraction facility right down the road. Any unsavory fats and waxes left behind after the CO2 extraction are washed out of the concentrated “crude” oil with untouched pure grain alcohol (Everclear).

This purified crude is then gently heated to decarboxylate a portion of the CBDa, CBGa, and THCa along with removing all but trace amounts of the alcohol (enthanol and ethyl-acetate). In order to create the best Full Spectrum oil, a delicate balance must be struck between heating enough to remove the alcohol and decarboxylate a portion of the cannabinoids while leaving behind some of the oil in its acidic state – CBDa, CBGa, and THCa are important too. To finish, the resulting Full Spectrum oil is then blended into an organic MCT carrier oil. It’s an oil we’re truly proud to call our own.

Every green, light-blocking glass bottle contains a glass graduated dropper for precise dosing. To use, simply place drops under the tongue and then hold for up to two minutes before swallowing. To maximize shelf life, store CBD hemp oil in the fridge.

CBD Total: 2474 mg
CBG Total 128 mg
THC Total: 81 mg


Know Your Grower

Committed to transparency, we invite everyone in to see first hand how we take great care in providing outstanding CBD hemp products.

  • 100% Organic CBD Flower– our oil is extracted from USDA Certified CBD flower.
  • Full Spectrum – Our CO2 processed oil retains a natural blend of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Clean Processing – We use untouched American made Everclear alcohol once to wash out unsavory fats and waxes.
  • Location – Our land is on small rural Wisconsin family farm miles away from highway pollution and well protected in both distance and our surrounding woods.
  • Fertilizer – We use fertilizer from organic sources free from the residual antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • Pesticides – No pesticides were used in 2020.
  • Fungicides – We take great care in providing mold free product. No fungicide were used in 2020.
  • Restorative Practices – We nurture our soils with compost teas, truly organic fertilizer, and cover crops. We believe in the importance of plants that are rooted in the Earth and exposed to the invigorating natural elements.
  • Heart – We love our land; we love our hemp. Great care is taken on a daily basis to provide deeply nurtured CBD hemp imbued with the widest possible range of entourage effects.


Despite very low concentrations of THC, Organic Entourage makes no guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.

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